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Welcome to IPBrian.com, I am IPBrian (aka W. Brian Duncan). I have put this site together as a place to generally ramble about the stuff I care about. I don’t currently plan on regular posting, but the random need to blather sometimes takes hold and I just need to get it out. I tend to have a certain knack with electronic gizmos, and people are often asking me about how to do this or that with their computer, home theater systems, photographic equipment, etc.

I have a great love of fitness and co-own Thrive Personal Fitness with my wonderful wife Pamela Hernandez. Though I don’t have any particular certification in a health related field, I have been active in physical fitness for a large part of my life, and as I live with a Certified Personal Trainer have a certain opinion about the state of health in the world currently that I may occasionally express an opinion on.

You can also check out my HDR Photography over at BatteredLuggage.com.

My daily work life is as a Cisco Network Engineer where I work mostly with Cisco IP Telephony, routers and switches.